Title transfer ?

I'm from PA and buying a used 650L (private deal) in NY and the guy says he simply signs the title on the correct line, gives it to me and away I go.

Don't we have to do this procedure at a notary ? I know in PA we do.

It is streel legal and will be licensed in PA.

Yes thats all he does is sign the title releasing his possession of the bike, you don't sign it till you are in front of a PA notary. I have bought many cars out of state and just went threw it with my bike. Also bring a penciled VIN tracing, insurance if you want a plate, drivers license, check book, and bill of sale so you don't have to make multiple trips back and forth. I could not believe how much the price went up to get a title transfered, it cost me $98.00 :thumbsup:

Thanks Steve. Good info!

:thumbsup: 98 bucks, WOW !!!

:thumbsup: $98!!! Wow!

My transfer is costing me $494 in CA. A little due to the registration being late, a lot in taxes for the purchase!

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