Where to get XR650L block off kit?

Is this what I want ? It just talks of the California model and mine isn't one of them. Most likely it's the same kit for all the L's but want to make sure.

Any other place to get them? Are they all the exact same pieces/same price?


Baja designs sells them as well. Yes you want the block off kit.

I made my own with an pneumatic saw and some 6061 T6 aluminum 3/16 in. thick. Took about 30 minutes.

I made my own with an pneumatic saw and some 6061 T6 aluminum 3/16 in. thick. Took about 30 minutes.

GOOD!! Now you can make me one too! :thumbsup:

How much?

What's the black rubber ?? thing for?

Does that come with the rockjock kit?

Actually that sounds pretty good .........the Honda XR650L Rock Jock kit !

Come on Bud, make me one up! :):ride: :ride:


I got mine from Baja Designs. Came with the instructions and all parts needed. I could have made the kit myself but got lazy and started thinking that if I was doing it for my wages at work and the time to round up the plugs and metal then measuring and cutting etc. For the 25 bucks and the instructions for a first timer make being lazy easy. I have the CA version and Ca laws suck!!!!!! I think that there might be some extras on the Ca version. I have seen the plates only on Ebay for around 6 bucks if you want to go that route. Those are the hardest part if you are not set up to cut your own. The plugs are at any auto parts store.

Do most rejet, or is it more of persoal thing. I plan on removing the snorkel from the air box, uni filter and possibly some exhaust work. Should I rejet?

you wont need to rejet with just the blockoff kit(altho couldnt hurt). when you do int. and exh. mods, try to do them at same time then rejet.

I wasn't going to replace the stock exhaust, but the more I learn, I think I will and I'm leaning towards the XRS Only slip on.

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