Attention California Riders!!!!!!


Actually, my point was not about posting in every forum...that's the right thing to do. Rather... within this WR forum, there are now: (this thread started by WMcGrath)

and (started by you)

I only mentioned this hoping to keep your (you and Paul I guess...) works together since its obvious that you guys have put some significant time into informing the rest of us. Hope I didn't come off as being a "jerk".

Again, thanks for taking the initiative upon yourselves and keep it up!!! Together, maybe we can get those liberal treehugging hypocrates off our "backsides".

Now...where the heck is everyone else???

Let's go people!!!

A specific response to complaints about Mr. Spitler is a sure sign that Mr. Davis is getting lots of flak. He wants re-election more than anything right now, and he's in trouble. Keep up the pressure, he's feeling it. Add a pinch of pressure on your State Senator and Assemblyman (polite, but firm) and we may just win this.


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