XR600, WR, or DRZ?

Hey All,

Newbie to the site here but have been riding for over 25 years. Just sold my 02 KTM 300EXC as I would like to go back to a thumper.

The last four stroke I had was a very clean 1988 XR600...great bike but after riding a DRZ 400E one day I realized just how heavy my XR was so sold it and went to a KDX 200 then to the KTM.

Guess I'm getting old and lazy as I envy my buddie's ability to poke along on his XR400 without having to row through the gear box like I was doing on the KTM.

Long story short: I've found an ultra clean, low mileage 96 XR600 but the guy is asking $2300. Am also looking at a couple of clean, older WR's. but don't want to rule out the DRZ -e bike. Thing is, the DRZ was light compared to my XR but the XR has way more grunt.

Any opinions on the WRs or DRZ's vs. the big XR. Feel like the XR400 is slightly underpowered also.

I don't want to spend $ on bunch of mods to upgrade a bike either.

I ride mainly single track in the mountains of Idaho but like the occasional fire road too.

My wife is going to kill me if I keep buying and selling bikes so need to find a good one to stick with for a while.

$2,300 sounds a little steep for a 1996 XR6. I got my 99 XR600 last year for $2,000 in Boise. It had the original tires.


opinions -

DRZ is street legal, about same weight as a XR650R at around 305lbs. Im guessing that is lighter than an XR600.

WR is light and nearly as fast as an XR650R, probably faster than a XR600R. The kick-start on a WR is stiff. It feels like a CR500 to me. The WR450 has e-start.

XR400 is probably the slowest of the bunch. It is right around 310lbs I think. The kick start on a 400 is way easier than the WR.

Why not a XR650R? Same weight as a XR400, easier to start and more grunt. Basically a little bit lighter, updated version of the XR600R. Get a HRC cam and aftermarket exhaust system (header/pipe) for the XR650R and you will retain the autodecompressor while having a bunch of power.

I have owned XR400s, 600s, am currently riding an '00 WR400, have ridden my son's XR650R quite a bit and have ridden friends' DRZ400s. I have weighed every bike that I have owned with a full fuel tank. These weights can vary a couple of lbs. depending on how the bike is equipped.

XR400 - 275# (with Baja Designs kit)

XR600 - 300# (with Baja Designs kit)

WR400 - 270# (With Baja designs kit, E-starts will weigh a little more)

DRZ400 - 280# (according to a friend)

XR650R - 310# (son's bike, Baja Designs kit)

The XR600 is still my favorite for all-purpose riding and reliability. I took a stock '91 XR600 (except for suspension) with over 10K miles on it, original engine, to Baja 4 yrs. ago, ran the snot out of it for 6 days, oldest bike in the bunch by 8 yrs, guess which bike had no mechanical problems, not even a flat? You will get plenty of opinions from the TT members, good luck on your choice.

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