Lets See!!

hey anyone with a yamaha and red hubs post some pics..i wanna paint mine on my 426 but if i paint the hub will it scratch off easy or anything? i painted a rim a few years ago and it chipped off like crazy....thanks

Don't paint anything.

Get the rims anodized, and the hubs powdercoated.

well this afternoon i got bored and went at the rims with some Mothers polish and they are chrome as heck now...i still wanna powdercoat the hubs though, any price range you guys got for me?

powdercoating the hubs is not a good idea. aluminum starts loosing strength after about 350 degrees (assuming it is pure 6061-T6 machined) so you will compromise the integrity. additionally, the hubs are cast, so there is no way to accurately gauge how much strength was lost.

anodize or polish only for the hubs.

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