WR 450/ 250 for dual sport?

We have a 450 and 250F now and they're great for MX and trail riding/racing. However, I'm thinking about getting my wife and I a WR450 and a WR 250 and putting a brake light and the bare essentials to make them street legal. There are a lot of connecting roads where you have to be street legal. Im sure the WR's will be the best street legal bikes for the dirt.

But will they hold up if I use them on the street? There are tons of great canyon carving paved roads in Colorado and a dual sport would probably be better for that but would'nt be much fun on the trails.

I've been around MX, enduros and trail riding all my life, so I would have a hard time going from a 450/250F to a dual sport in the dirt.

Would I be wasting a good race engine riding these on the roads? Will they be high maintenance? Will they last. We may do 100 or 200 mile day dual sport rides.

The WR's will hold up just fine on the street, but I would recommend looking

at the KTM EXC 450 as well. 6th gear makes it even better on the street.

And they come street legal.

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