Exhaust Makeover

Anyone with a 07 yzf450 changing your stock exhaust for a aftermarket system willing to part with your header please email me, mine is badly dented. Thanks........jdyfletch@buckeye-access.com

Try filling it with water and putting in the freezer overnight before purchasing another.

There are services that will fix the dent..I actually have the apperatus that achieves the repair for personal use and basicllay both ends of the pipe are capped off then the dent is heated and the pipe is then highly pressuerized which causes the dent to sort of pop out, works O.K. depending on the size and shape of the dents(s) and is much cheaper than a new pipe setup...even a used stock set-up. Just google Motorcycle exhaust dent repair. I believe it runs around 50 bucks.

Good luck,


The freezer trick is more or less free, and it actually works.

i have a full stock exhaust if that helps at all and i have no need for it let me know PM me.

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