WhiteBros Exhaust Pipes

Which is the best White Brothers exhaust pipe for my 2007 HondaXr650l. I seen some called the E2. I need help!!!!

e2 is quiet......but that is what you want right???

yea i want something that is quiet but a lil loud at the same time so people can hear me coming.

I know you said White Brothers... and I like them, have one on an R, but I heard they have fitment issues. I just got an 07 650L w/ a BigGun... LOVE IT!

It is loud when ur on it, but quiet if ur just cruisin... also has a "quiet core" available

I have the E1 full system with several plates. It's LOUD haha

I recently installed a WB E2 on my 05 L, and I love it. My L is optimized for street riding, and I run my E2 with the Quite Core installed. Sounds great, nice and throaty. Can be loud when you accelerate aggressively, but, with gentle throttle, can be quiet enough to go unnoticed in traffic. Fit to stock header is perfect. The E2 canister fastens to the stock turn signal mount. Again, fit is perfect. My bike required no rejetting. Mods on my bike: Smog pump removed, Brian & Dave carb mods, desnorkled, K&N filter.

E2 series is sweet!

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