XR 650R shock rebuild

been a member here for quite a while, just havent been real active in the last year or so, i think i got to ride 5 times last year :thumbsup: anyways, went for a rip on sunday, and in my efforts to stay ahead of the 125 250F and 450F following me in the whoops, my rear end was bobbing alot and trying to pass the front, got stopped and it appears all the oil emptied itself from the shock. i have a shop that can charge it, my local honda shop is crap, the yamaha shop is great and i know most of the guys that work there. they can rebuild it, just wondering, how much pressure and what weight oil comes stock??? it was pretty good before, might put a little heavier oil in it, but thats about it, this isnt a motocross bike and is prolly gonna be supermotoed soon so i dont want to get into the suspention too much just yet. Any help is appreciate. thanks, JR

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