What do you think i can get for her

I was kinda and kinda not thinking of selling my XR600 what do you think i could get for her shes got the following mods

To start off she got a

Wiseco Hi Comp 11:1 Piston


Kibble White .460 lift valve springs

Titanium Valves

Mikuni TMP-40 Flatslide Pumper

Ricky Stator Hi OUtput stator coil

Black Baja Designs Kit

New Excel Takasago Rims

Dunlop D606 tires

Baja Desings Key Lock

Magura Hydrolic Clutch

Barrnet Clutch Kit

4.6 Gallon IMS Tank

Black Acerbis frenders front to back

K&N Air Filter

Pro Taper Handle Bars

Pro Taper Grips

Gripper Ceet Cover

Black Honda Fork Boots




i could've done that myself thanks

??? What Year ???

shes an 89

Since it is plated and it sounds like it's got some good mods done to it.Being realistic because of the age I'm going to guess around $3000 give or take $500. I know you have more than that in it by along ways. Nice piece though, it should get a good price. Good stockers of that vintage fetch about a $1000 to $1500.

What year did XR600's come with rear disk brakes?

What year did XR600's come with rear disk brakes?

I just checked some parts fiches and it looks like 1991 as a first year for a rear disc.

actually all that cost me around 2500 so i wouldnt mind letting her go for that

Sounds more than fair.

Yes, '91 was first year for the rear disc.


I have a 91 XR 6, and looking to put the "Magura's hydraulic clutch" system on it, but not sure what to buy as there doesnt seem to be one designed specifically for the XR 600.


So, xr500_89, for what bike, did you purchase the magura set up, to fit you're bike?

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