fuel getting onto the airbox!

Hey guys,

A mate (doesnt have a pc so I am posting for him) of mine has a 98 xr600 and he was riding this weekend and his bike backfired really badly and stopped, he checked the airbox and fuel was leaking into it, I am guessing his carby is fouled (could water in the fuel do this?).

Anyway he got the bike going again but it is running really badly so I thought I would post here for suggestions, thanks guys!

Sounds like a stuck float is causeing the carb to overflow. Prolly time to pull the carb off, diassemble it and clean thoroughly.

Agree with HawkGT, most likely a float problem. Check the float valve assembly for dirt/wear, sometimes a piece of crud will get stuck in the valve and cause an overflow.

I had the same problem and it was a worn out float valve. Fuel also got into the cylinder and locked up the piston. I removed the spark plug and (with the ignition turned off) cranked the engine a few times and watched gas spray out all over the place. This made me a bit nervous.

Float valves are cheap and easy to replace.

thanks for the suggestions guys, I have advised my mate to pull out the carby and give it a good clean and check the float bowl/valve.

I will post back after he has given it a check/clean to update on whether it was the problem.

Thanks guys!

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