New Dr. D exhausts...what's the Diff??

I was looking on the Dr. D website at the new pipe designs....I see that 2 of the 4 come with quiet inserts and spark arrestors....i know that there is a weight increase as you get away from carbon + titanium...

but is there any difference in performance between the top of the line one, and the stainless + aluminum....i would love to get the stainless + alum. pipe for the added strength since my bike spends alot of time on the ground :thumbsup:

As far as I know, the stainless system is the same from a performance standpoint, with the extra weight being a trade off for a lower price and greater strength.

I just got the stainless system for my '07 YZ450 and I love the performance. I had a problem with the endcap coating peeling and scratching off for no reason. I called Dr. D about it and they were very helpful and immediately sent me a new endcap free of charge. I assume other people were complaining about it too.

If you are assuming that based on their quick response to your problem, your logic doesn't necessarily apply. That's how Dubach Racing Development handles all their customer service; quickly, effectively, and without any BS whatsoever.

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