Rough terrain = more engine noise??

Hey Guys, did some searching and didnt find anything about this. But it seems like when i'm riding the real rough stuff, like an old dry river bed or somthing my 650r motor sounds like its going to come apart any second. I can really hear it when i'm standing and leaning forward over the bars.

I've noticed it in my 600r also, but I was wondering if this was normal and if so, if someone could explaing why.


Sure that it is actually comming from the engine? It could be noises from the suspension.

Never owned or riden this bike before, but on a lot of the bikes i have this kind of noise usually comes from the chain....hear it a lot more standing up than sitting down.

Chain noise was my second guesss, so much up and down of the back tire would cause a lot of jerking on the cs sprocket.

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