It seemed a good ideal to remove the "e" clip on the brake lever adjuster, to get a bit more adjustment for my large hands!.Brake worked fine so i safty wired the locknut, and went for my first green lane rideout with the TRF !.20 odd miles and acouple of hours later while riding a road section, bike starts slowing then front wheel locks throwing me on to the road. The result ? One brocken collar bone and several weeks off work.The"e" clip has been reinstalled and lever readjusted.I can find no warning or referance to what this "e"clip is for.But NOW realise that its not meant to be removed and adjusted past .I guess the brake fluid got hot,and having no room to expand caused the brake to lock on? :):D hope this saves anybody making the same mistake ! andyhowes :D:D

Taffy's bike re-surfaces.....and throws its rider.

Makes a good headline dont you think!

Have a speedy recovery Andy !

I did the same thing to get a tighter brake and have had no problems since. Hope you feel better soon!

" clone of Taffys" maybe more like it! :):D:D

Taffy....sounds like your disciples are multiplying :)

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