Free mod and jet Q

Hey everyone I've been looking all over TT but haven't exactly found the answer to my question. I've done the mods including:

-Throttle stop removed

-Gray wire snipped

-Airbox snorkels removed

-PMB exhaust insert

-AIS removal kit on its way

I was just wondering if I have to re-jet with all of this done because I've heard its a must. I've taken the bike around the yard and up and down the street and it seems to be running extremely well. Is aftermarket jetting really necessary? Thanks in advance!

I have the same mods done. The AIS kit comes with a main jet and adjustable needle, which was enough for me. I run at sea level, with warm temps in the summer.

Perhaps I can get it to run a little smoother with the JD kit, but the bigger limiting factor on the bike is definitely me. :thumbsup:

yea like I said the kit is being shipped now I plan on installing the jet and needle that come with it.

I think the more you ride it the more you will notice where and when it bogs, as far as throttle position goes, and when you try and start it, what the trick is. this is jetting, so read the stickies, ask more questions, and play with your bike, you can always take it too a mechanic once you can't figure it out!!!!

p.s. bad spellimg, and gramer, sory

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