xr600r counter sprocket cover

OK, I got my bike used and it had a metal counter sprocket cover, I need to replace it but the guys at the shop say that they only come in plastic. I checked XRs only and Baja designs, and cant find anything for my bike (its all 650 stuff) so if anyone has a metal cover let me know where you got it from. Thanks :thumbsup:

96 xr600r

I got an OEM part for my 87 xr600r. I bought it from mrcycles.com. You will have to search through their parts diagrams.

Im mostly trying to figure out if the stock gaurd is metal or plastic. So far Ive heard both. the delaer says its plastic XR's only says its metal.Although Im more inclined to believe XR's only.

For what it's worth my '89 XR600R has a metal sprocket cover and it appears to be stock.

My '93 has the stock cover, and it is metal.

The cover is plastic and the actual chain guard that protects the case is metal.

check bikebandit.com they can find it

My fault, I thought you were asking about the 650L. The cover on the 600 is metal. If you want one I believe I have one or two I'd part with.

hey do you still have a sprocket guard your willing to part with?

Four years later?

Just send a PM next time. :smashpc:

:smashpc: noob alert........


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