Good 96dB silencer and S/A?

I need to buy an US Forest Service approved 96 dB (preferably less) silencer and spark arrestor for my '06 YZ450. Any good/bad experiences or recommendations?

Has anybody tried the new White Bros XCR?

i had talked with white bros about the xcr and they advised me that they did not make it for the 06, and that the 07 would not fit because of the diameter of the head pipe, so then i purchased the e2 and have been completely satisfied. It has a removable s/a and also a removable end cap if you want to take it to the track. You can search around and find them at a reasonable price also. I ordered mine through temecula motorsports.

PMB Endo Endcap with silent insert or the PMB Performance/Silent insert :thumbsup:

I vote for the PMB endo with silencer/SA cap. Minimal difference from stock and way cheaper....

Thanks for the input guys...any idea what the db level is with the PMB endcap and silent insert?

I've been sound tested numerous times with my WB E2 and passed every time with no problems. I've been tested numerous times because AMA District 37 sound tests at many of their events. The FMF Q4 would be my second choice.

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