650R Broken case

Hey all,

I was riding my XR650R out on a trail I ride alot last Sunday & for no aparent reason my chain came off. Not sure why as it was adjusted properly & well lubed. Maybe I picked up a rock or somthing that caused it who knows.

The problem is that it broke the case where the upper bolt goes in to hold on the case saver & chain guard over the counter shaft. It is not leaking oil but there is no where to bolt the case saver & guard onto any more. I rolled the chain back on & rode the last 19 miles out of the Coke ovens fine no problem. But what hapens next time if I have no way to secure the case saver. It will bust off the clutch shaft housing. HUGE PROB !!!

Does anyone have a fix for this???

Is there anything out there that I can buy to safe this up some how???

I cannot be the only one that this has happend to. Any help will help.


Blade Man

SAME DAMN THING just happened to me... I tried that Alumaloy weld stuff you find on the net, it was WORTHLESS! don't waist your money, I'm going to have it welded by a guy I know through some riding buddies... he is supposed to be very good w/ aluminum, then drill and re-tap the whole! hope it works out!!! I'll let you know!

Look @ the XR's only HD case saver. It have an extra mounting hole (on the motorstud).... :thumbsup:

From my personal experience hondas metallurgy suck more than paris hilton and thier metals are more brittle than a meth addicts teeth.

Example: CR 250, screwing in the case oil drain bolt and all of a sudden--crack! The who thread area just shattered and fell into the floor...i wasn't over tightening and the bolt was started on the threads correctly. I had to take it to a specialists shop and have it rewelded and retapped. The clutch cover shattered twice...for no apparent reason (i am actually lying about this one...the first time the bike fell in the garage and second i fell on dirt...what designer puts the brake lever in front of the clutch case cover?).

My first car was a brand new honda civic, while installing an amp i left the hood propped up in the garage and the rod that holds the hood up breaks in two and the hood lands on the second half of the rod that sayed straight up, puting a dent in my hood in the process...i have seen the same exact dent in countless other civics...honda usa wouldn't acknowlege the problem.

Shit, i just remembered! Last friday i was tightening the shift lever screw on my '07 XRL and sure enough...i snapped the head off the bolt...its gonna suck when i break that shift lever.

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