From YZ's to WR's

Ok guys well, I've just posted my last 06' YZ450 in the for sale section. If you know anybody in Ca. looking for a clean bike have them check it out. I'm planning on getting WR's to race for next season. I have been making MX bikes into off road bikes in years past, now I'm gonna start out with off road bikes. I'm glad that alot of parts will interchange off my race bike onto the new bikes. IE: Stabilizer, Tank, Pipes, etc. I have been on the YZ450's since 04'. Man what a drastic difference between the 04' -06'. How much differrent will the WR's feel than the 06 YZ's? I will probably be getting new 07"s since I have to get 2 bikes, and they are cutting prices to make room for 08's. I know about the weight increase, and all. I will have the suspension revalved and resprung for the Dez, but are the forks as bad as my 04' YZ's were stock? I have also noticed alot of aftermarket parts only listed for YZ's. Especially plastics. Does anybody make WR plastics? Thanks in advance for any guidance and hopefully I can get some of the same results I have on the YZ with the new WR's.

the 07's plastics are pretty much the same as the YZ's. the wr will have alot better low end as well as top end but it will be slow from the factory. getting the YZ throttle screw is a must for desert racing as well as freeing up the exhuast. the smog stuff i didn't really feel much of a difference with.

have fun with the new bike!

ps: what series are you racing? i'm AMA big6 grand prixs but havn't raced my 07 yet

I run the District-37 Desert series, and Fun 5 Enduro series. Vet Ami Open. I started the big 6 series in 05' but 2 broken vertebrae ended that run. The Grand Prixs are too damn expensive too. With gate fees, camp fees, full price for every race. But it is nice to be able to show that some of us Desert guys can whip the tabletops too. I thought the plastics would be similar, I just wasn't sure about the rear fender, and side panels, and where I can get another set of front number plates. I want to normally race without the light fixture inside, but swap the light back in for night rides/races. I do plan on getting them setup similar to my YZ's, so once I get the suspension over to Clark at Noleen they should be close. Is there a problem with WR's overheating. They have a coolant res. in the rear. But I have never once boiled over any of my YZ's out in the heat. I'm wondering if I could remove it to help shave as much un-needed weight as possible. I have a Megabomb setup off my 06' racebike, but may sell it to help buy the new DRD carbon exh.

i might have to get into those races. the res. on the WR's is more for really slow technical riding that would cause over heating. i'm not running one on my 99 but i don't really feel the need to start taking stuff off my 07 since its alot lighter feeling of a bike already even with the battery.

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