02 426 Oil Level Question

Hello all, I need some help.

I recently purchased a 2002 YZ426, which I absoutely love. I purchased it right after the previous owner had it serviced at his local Yamaha dealer. I know from the order sheet the oil was changed, air filter repaced, spark plug, etc.

Here's my question. I have taken it riding once since and last night I was just messing around and checked the oil. I twisted out the dip stick and cleaned it off, put it back in and it's coming out completely dry. I did read the service manual and it says to let it warm up for 3 minutes before checking the oil. My worry is it's too low to let it idle for the 3 minutes. Can anyone confirm for me that it should be reading on the dipstick even if it's cold or should it only register on the stick after the engine is warm?

Just a little concerned cause I feel confident it was at the right level before going riding.....

Any help would be much appreciated!!!!


do as the manaul says...all the oil is sitting in the case...start it then check the oil quickly after you shut it off..

Your first dry sump motorcycle, eh? The oil is mostly all carried in the integral frame tank during operation. It gets pumped directly from there to the various lube points in the engine and trans, and the oil that drains to the crankcase is immediately scavenged and pumped back to the tank at twice the rate at which it was pumped in.

But when it sits, gravity slowly drains the tank down into the crankcase in spite of the check valve placed in the circuit to slow it down. To check the oil, the engine must have been run within the last 10 minutes or less prior to checking. You should, however wait 30 seconds or so before checking to let any bubbles that might be in the return line settle down. Because of this, it's a good idea to check the oil at the end of the last ride of the day.

Gray, you read me like a book! This is my 1st experience with a 4 stroke motorcrosser. I was pretty confident starting it would be fine but making sure is the difference between major problems and being able to ride it this coming weekend.

As always, thank you all for the help!


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