Trailtech Vapor (two different wheelsets???)

I just searched purd-neer all about the Trailtech Vapor tha I care to know about. I decided this is exactly what I am looking for. .......EXCEPT.........The only thing is, or I haven't found out yet ........

Is,,, can they be programmed for 2 different wheel sets? I am supermotoing my 01 XR650R for the summer and returning to stock wheels for offroading. 17 inch street, 21 inch offroad. I want to just switch the Vapor from like A to B wheels without reprogramming the whole thing. I even was on their website and they don't mention it either.



You can easily adjust the wheel size with the Trail Tech vapor. It takes just a couple of minutes and you will be set. You can swap wheels back and forth no problem. Once you get the TT, read the instructions and it will tell you specifically what you need to do.

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