Arizona riding question

Hey you Arizona TTalkers.

I was planning on taking a trip down south in a few weeks from Denver and riding off of Dynomite road near Scottsdale (did it on a MTB and loved it). However, my brothers new house is actually in Payson.

Are there any good trails in or near Payson that I might enjoy instead of driving all the way down to Scottsdale? Would they be clear of snow in late February?




I don't think there will be any snow unless a storm comes through , but you can count on it being cold in the morning. The hardest part will be finding a place to ride.

We spent a day scouting last summer and came up empty.

The only bike shop in town ( on HWY 260 )will provide you with a hand drawn map of the local riding area's but it's way outdated and most spots are trashed out dumps. :)

We heard of a spot afterwards that was east of town on 260 , that was some kind of rock quarry, that was a good place to start and had single track without the Jeeps and quad's.

Let us know where you end up riding and if you find something good in the Payson area.

BTW alot of the AZ trail guys post on the YZ forums so you might get more replies there

Thanks Maicoman.

If I don't hear of something awesome, I'd rather make the drive and do Dynomite road.



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