XR650L oil capacity???

I agree with most, the engine has to be warmed up. I have an 07 650L and an 87 xl650r and it seems to be the same. If you top it off cold, it way overfills it and when it warms up, oil will come out of the breather. I seem to find no consistency, except that while warm(Ride it for at least 10-15 minutes), keep it in between the Hi-Lo and you will have no problems.

FYI. My 87 still runs great. (One top end rebuild after 15 years):thumbsup:

ah, a baldwin brother!LOL!

I have an 07 XR650L. I am just like what is stated above - 2 quarts will not even get the stick wet - it takes almost 3 quarts to reach the top fill line. I have checked it several different ways and always end up with about 2 3/4 quarts of love juice after a oil/filter change.

Could it be that some of use let it drain longer therefore we need more to refill?


I'm down to "I start it and the temp guage gets hotter, so oil must be hitting it, so it must be enough!".


enough of this thread LOL its all written here everyones given their responces LOL

I have the same problem with my XR650L the oil capacity is never the recommend amount. I usually put in about 2 3/4 quarts to make it get up to the top of the dipstick and I think it's just because it's a dry sump system and is hard to get a correct reading. It shouldn't harm the bike as long as you keep and eye on it. It's better to have more more oil in an air cooled than less, so I would recommend just filling it up to the top. I talked to a dealership and what the mechanic told me was to ride if around for awhile in order to get the engine warmed up and have all of the oil go through the frame.

I never get a correct reading this way on my XR600. It will always show low. In order to get a true reading the bike needs to be running for a little longer. The best way is to ride it for at least 5 if not 10 minutes. Shut down and check the oil level within 1 minute of shutdown. The best is to check it after a ride.

I find the same thing.  If it idles for "3-5 minutes" like the manual says it always shows low but if I ride it for ten minutes down the street and back it seems to show correct.

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