Clarke Tank Size for XR650R? is it enough?

I have been searching for Tank preference and I decided on Clarke but when I went to I only saw 4.3gal tank for XR650R. as well on their web site. Some with XR650R were claiming to have 4.7 Gal. I know .4 gal isn't much but its almost a 1/2 a gal which can be another 15-20 miles.

My questions;.

1) is clarke 4.3 gal total capacity...bone dry?

I'll run my 13/50 gearing and have a 110mile one-way overnight, off-road trip coming up so its either carry extra fuel for my stock tank or the new clarke? I'm riding with 2 other four-wheelers so it will be at a slower pace but they are carrying extra fuel and they have 4.5 gal tanks stock.

2) Would a full 4.3 Gal tank be enough for tight trails of 110 miles or do I need to carry some extra anyway?

I've checked my MPG with my 15/45 gearing on street and get 35-40mpg city but not with 13/50 gearing on trails!



I think the 4.7 is for a 650L. I run 14/50 and can get 110 miles on my R but I wouldn't call them tight trails. Although anything you can get a 4 wheeler on I wouldn't call tight around here either. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the help. I know what you mean about tight. I Tend to say that slow trails are tight as well b/c of tight turns and such...but I'll rephrase it. The trails are 4x4 4-wheeler trails and over the years as things fall in the trails instead of moving and cutting they just go around so there gets to be constant turns and minimum straight shots so most is low gear riding. So I guess tight isn't the right way to describe them. more Slow, low-gear trails.

I use the Clarke 4.7 on my dualsported XR650R. I can always go at least 120 miles.

Depends on how you ride. You can stretch it out to 110 miles but if you are roosting every corner, then you might not.

MSR has red half gallon metal fuel bottles at most sports equipment stores in the camping stove section. They usually run for about $15. I have one just in case when I'm riding with those KTM guys and their 2.1 gallon tanks. Get 1 or 2 of those and put it on the 4-wheelers.

The Clarke 4.3 is narrower and more comfortable than the IMS 4.6 in my opinion. I have ridden bikes with both. The 4.3 is a little loose at the front seat peg, so we used a foam stick-on grip pad on the tank to tighten it up. The seat body rests on the foam grip pad. The 4.6 fits alright but you have to cut part of a radiator shroud stiffener rib and the frame bolts (10mm Head) don't line up too well.

Just remebmer to stop and tip the bike severely to the right when you start running out of gas to transfer it from left to right.

I like the MSR fuel bottle Idea! I have a few of those for camping I forgot they have some larger ones! and I can distribute the weight nice with a few of those! Thanks!

110 miles without a stop is going to be tough looking at your gearing and the mileage you get when using taller gears. I get 45-50mpg with 15-45 gears on highways and maybe 25mpg in the rough tight stuff with 13-45 gearing, although I am not trying to save fuel on those trails :thumbsup:

I have a Clarke 4.3. Its total capacity is 4.3 gallons.

That said, it does hold about .25 gallons below the petcock level, so you need to tip the bike to the right to get the last drops out.

Build quality is EXCELLENT. Absolutely perfect fit.

I just did a long dual-sport trip. Some tight trails, some fast trails, some street and got 160 miles per tank.

As far as comfort, it is a bit wider than stock, but not painfully so. It didn't require any altering of my riding style.

Good product. Go for it.


I run 13/48 and have the clark 4.3. I do ride tight trails and love to roost everything in sight. You'll make it 110 miles with the 4.3, but don't bet on too much more unless you have a back-up plan. Have a good ride.

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