First H/S with the 450 Rekluse

I ran my first H/S Sunday with my Rekluse in my 06 450. Very tight twisty 7 mile loop. Lots of off and on the gas. The bike was a joy to ride and made the ride a lot easier. The bike it self did real good.

As for me, I did not have my Camelback and ended up in the Hospital to get rehydrated. (3 Liters). :thumbsup:

I seen a lot of riders kicking 4 strokes.

Some of you other Vets that don't race all the time, This is the best investment a guy can make to his bike.

Preach on Brother!! :thumbsup: I love mine too!! (and I race the Desert Series out here in S. Nevada!!) :)

The Rekluses do make a big difference in the woods (and on the MX tracks too). Be sure to keep an eye on the installed gap until everything gets seated in. :thumbsup:

I love the Rekluse

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