I Like Water and Mud

I had this post on the yz board but I dont think all that many guys trail ride as much as over hear (I dont have the bike yet but I have a very very good price I can get it for so I am thinking I might if I know it will be ok in a lot of water and mud)!!!!

I have read a lot of great stuff on this site in the past few wks since I found it but 1 topic I have not seen yet is how is the old big blue 2000 yz 426 when it comes to water and I mean lots of water I live in Minnesota and can find a lake on just about every trail ride were we go and we do like to see who can go the "deepest sometimes" not that much but the trails in the spring time are full of water and mud and I just love that type of rideing along with the hot dry stuff to. Any tips would be great

thanks in advace


I ride Enduros in Michigan, lower and upper, as well as in Indiana. I have never drowned out my bike before (WR400). It is like anything else line selection is the key. If you totally submerge the bike then, yes is is going to fill up with water. But as far as ridding in hub deep mud, deep puddles, creek, river, and swamp crossings. then yes this bike rules. Try and pack as much foam as you can in any open areas that you can find to keep the mud build up to a minimum. Have fun!

Do your carb vent hoses (T them up to the airbox, add orifice at bottom) and reroute the big vent hose from the cylinder head past carb to airbox. Then you should be good for near-fender water and for sure at least wheel-covering water. Do the big hose for avoiding mud-suck-in (someone else had a big problem with that, engine damage from sucked-in mud )

Caution for deep water crossings:

Do not try to retart in deep water if you stall. The crankcase breather tube will draw water in on the piston's upstroke. Get the vent tube higher than the water first.

There are posts on how to route the breather tube up high on the bike for this situation. Clark had a good setup he posted.

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