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Thanks to the forum for the cheap mods!

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This site is the best.

Only being a regular 'lurker' here for about two weeks I have searched and printed out the old and new posts like a mad man. And in that short time I have been able to convince myself (and my wife) to do the most common modifications talked about in this forum.

So just last night I was able to finish up the BK mod, gray wire, throttle stop and the air box lid. And my finding is pretty much the same as each new person that does these mods. It's Greaaaaaaaaaaaaat! The BK mod makes this thing more of a beast than it was before. And the throttle stop chop is killer!

After determining, through this forum's help without actually posting anything, how to jet the carb I ended up using the 168 main and moved the stock needle one clip richer with the pilot screw turned 1¾ turns out. At the same time I bought the 168 I also purchased a 48 PJ just in case I feel the need to 'tinker'. So with that living here in Washington St. Is what I did a good setup or just a good starting platform? Should I install the 48 PJ also to see how that runs?

Being new to the whole modifying carburetors and carburetor jargon for that matter it has taken me a while just to figure out what PJ, PAJ, MJ and a bunch of other acronyms mean. Still haven't figured out WOT yet though. Any help with that one?

So I just wanted to say thanks for this forum and the knowledge each and everyone of you share with the net.

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