'03 YZ450 Starting issues

whats the best way to start a cold 450 ... i just switched from a 2002 cr 250 2 stroke to this bike ..

> Turn on the fuel.

> Pull the choke knob out

> Twist the throttle halfway and return it to the closed position 1-3 times, depending on the temperture (more when cold. less when warm)

> With the throttle CLOSED, push the crank to the "hard spot" (compression stroke) and return it to the top.

> With the throttle CLOSED, or held in a steady position just off idle, kick the engine over.

You MUST learn not to crank the throttle as you kick, as most two stroke riders seem to want to do for some reason I've never understood. Your thumper won't start if you do that, but it will flood.

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