Cam chain specifications

Has anyone come across specs for cam chain wear limits, such as pin to pin length for a given amount of links? The manual says to check for wear/damage - real useful.

I always pull on the chain as it rolls over the gear to see if it pulls off of the cam gear. Mine never really pulls off of the gear. I assume someday it will. I also assume that the engine will let go before it gets to that point.

PS I have been told this by many old timer Motorcycle techs.

Stock cam chains are fairly cheap, less that $20. If you think your cam chain is worn, IMO I would just replace it, cheap insurance. If you're looking for wear patterns, I would look at the cam chain sprockets for excessive wear patterns.

Who carries cam chains for $20 (or less)?

Check out the TT store or North County Yamaha (NCY).

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