New Owner 05 WR450

I just purchased a new to me, used 05 WR450. I've been out of motorcycle riding for years other than my DR650 I purchased to putt around in. Now my questions. I would like to replace all the plastic on the bike and was wondering the best place to go. Also, does the 07 plastic work on the 05 mainly liking the look of the rear fender on the 07 compared to the 05. Also looking for the rear brake pedal and front rim (has small cherry in it)... I will be asking for suggestions on performace once I get the aesthetics done.


I buy most of my stuff from, great customer service & there in Oregon so shipping to California is fast no tax plus free shipping. I'm not sure on the plastics fitting due to the aluminum frame?

pretty sure the plastics from an '07 won't fit. I replaced the stock rear fender on my '05 with one from an '05 YZ, looks much better than the stock one IMO. I ordered most of my parts from the TT store, they've been good to me so far :thumbsup:

I buy from the TT store also, they just don't have everything I need...

Cool, I'll try both places. I'll try and go down in the next day or two and match up rear fenders and let you guys know if it will fit. Thanks

None of the plastics from an '07 WR or a '06+ YZ are a direct bolt on. You may be able to jury-rig something, but it'll look like an abortion. I put '05 YZ plastics on mine except for the side panels and they all fit perfectly except for the front number plate. It would've worked if I ditched the odometer. I kept it, so I had to fab up some some brackets from aluminum bar stock I had lying around. A couple of 90° brackets and I was good to go. I bought all of mine from various OEM sources, Zanotti's, Bike Bandit and TT OEM...SC

I'm going to order my plastic tomorrow, and I just want to clarify. I'm going to order the 05YZ450 front and rear fender and the 05 WR450 sides and front plate. This will work correct? Thanks for the help.....

yes, that should work just fine. everything but my side panels are from an '05 YZ450, and they fit just fine.

Again Thank you for all the help...:thumbsup:

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