Can't get my Yosh R3 off!! Help

I couldn't find anything on this so if you have any advise it will be greatly appreciated. I bought my 2002 DRZ "S" and it already had the Yosh R3 and its great and the bike hauls @#$. I would like to be able to switch it with a stock "E" pipe that I bought for certain situations though (camping, mellow trails, etc.) So I fiqured "just unbolt and remove. easy" Not so. I can't get the Yosh system apart and as far as I can tell I can't just "snake" it out. What the hell?? How does that thing come apart??

Thank for any suggestions!


you are f'd my friend. You aint getting the yosh system apart without destroying it. IF all you need to do is remove it from the bike, you dont need to take it apart aside from un springing the can. I fished mine off the bike that way no problem. If you are dead set on taking it apart, you will have to sacrifice either your midpipe, or your header to get them apart. The fit of those things is way tight. I dented my head pipe taking the bike off the stand and the only way to get the midpipe off it was to drill a hole through the header, then put a rod, dowel, bolt, whatever throught the hole and then use a steel edged something or another while pulling the midpipe and headpipe, letting the bolt or dowel "catch on the steel edge". This MAY work. When you get the new head pipe (cheaper than the midpipe, so destroy it not the midpipe) use alot of anti-seize on the joint during assembly so you might not need to do this again. Many yosh systems have been destroyed trying to take them apart. You can fish the midpipe and headpipe from the bike while they are still connected. Your best option is just to buy a new headpipe and midpipe combo and switch it out as a unit.

oh yes that does suck! i used a dremel to slice a line horizontally where the pipes meet. cut through the top layer (mid pipe) portion only and it relieved the tight fit then tapped it apart using an open end wrench on the heat shield finally came apart and i had a guy tig the slice back together. but if you want quiet just put the potato silencer in and you are set. pull it out to rip around! trust me....i will never try to get that pipe apart ever again!!!:thumbsup:

i am sure at least ten guys will tell you "dremel + yosh = crime against humanity":bonk:

Damn, I just put that pipe on my bike a few days ago, and it is loud as hell!:thumbsup:

How long before it becomes permanent? :thumbsup:

A dab of nickel anti seize goes a long way...:thumbsup:

I'm on it! Thanks...

hope it isnt permanent already. Its no biggy, the thing just becomes a "unit" after assembly. The only way it ever becomes a problem is if you dork out like me and drop the headpipe to the stand when taking it off. If youre trying to replace just the headpipe or midpipe alone, you are destroying it to get it off.

I did unspring the can and that thing won't come off either. I whacked it a few times with a rubber malet but it didn't budge. Like I said, I bought the bike with the pipe on it so I don't know what was involved to get it on. Does the muffler just slip on when it's new??



Douse it with penetrating oil and work it back and forth in a wiggle motion until you feel it start to move. Keep spraying it with the penetrant and wiggling it a little at a time until you start to make good progress. Twist and pull is the key.

A rubber mallet placed in the right spot to avoid damage to the system helps too...

The canister just slips right on the midpipe. It's a tight fit...

wierd,ive never had that problem.i know that its tight and it can be a biatch to get off but ive always managed to get her apart.maybe its because ive taken it apart so many times.maybe a little heat around the midpipe conection and something really cold on the header conection will work.or just take the can off and snake it out like punisher14 said

been there done that

take the header & muffler off use a 2x4 on the front frame to hold the header with your leg as your buddy pull and twist the midpipe take a hammer and flat chisel or flat punch hit midpipe at the joint end "sideways" all around midpipe end


beat the holy sh-t out of it, very little damage shows

monkey business

I took the pipe off when I had the shock off of the bike. I could snake the full exhaust off that way.

It was a bich getting the thing apart. I used a propane torch to heat the mid joint and it came apart.

Getting it back together was actually easy. I put the header in the freezer, heated the mid pipe with the propane torch, applied copious amounts of anti-sieze and they slid together with no effort at all.

I've found carb cleaner or brake cleaner to work fairly well for getting exhaust components to separate.

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