rear brake vibration

I have an 03 WR450 with an intermittent rear brake vibration. This vibration cannot be heard ;but felt in the pedal. I have replaced the worn rear brake pin with no change; I may try changing the brake fuild and see what that does.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to try?? BTW the pads are original with lots of pad left.

sounds like a warped rotor?? Did you over heat it or hit on a rock??

I agree the rear disc is probably bent or warped from old age or from hitting a rock. Check it by 1st putting your bike on a stand with the rear wheel of the ground, then holding a screw driver against the swingarm with the point just touching the rear disc, spin the wheel and you will be able to see if the disc is bent due to the disc moving towards and away from the screwdriver point.




Sounds like a warped rotor.

The warping can be very subtle so that it is barely perceptible to the eye but you can feel it in the pedal.


Id say its a warped rotor. Good luck

Thanks guys I will check for warpage.

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