Ah the dreaded shifter sticking... HELP!

yeah im one of the lucky ones.. ive read all the posts on here. no luck. i have an '03 yz450 that is fully sumo converted. shifter sticks down when down shifting. which if any of you race sumo, you know that EQUALS DEATH. im so frustrated. took the right cover of. pulled the shift shaft through the motor. doesnt seem bent. the torsion spring is functional and fine. the bike litteraly has probably no more than 10 hours on it. im just frustrated that i have a $10k paper weight.

does anyone have a definitive fix for this? it seems this a common problem with these bikes from what i have read on this forum. the problem is, each thread is different as to what may or may not be the fix to this problem. the bike isnt in warranty anymore, so the dealer is out of the question. not to mention, when i took it to them, it came back, and has leaked oil EVER SINCE. not to mention the chips out of my clutch cover, and other scratches and dings. GOD dealers suck!

thanks for any and all help and suggestions. i really want to get this bike back up. i love riding it and its worthless on the track with a shift lever that sticks down.


Dismantle the shifting linkage and slip the shaft bakin by itself to see if that's where the problem is. If so, try a new one, or clean up the bores it runs in. If not, ad parts back until you isolate the problem.

It's been heard of, but I'd hardly call it a common issue.

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