99YZ400 Which carb do I have?

Which FCR carb does my stock 99YZ 400 have?

Everytime I call my dealer for parts on this carb they tell me they have to order them because they don't stock parts for 1999 bikes. Are there any bikes I can pretend to have so the dealer parts monkey can find my parts?

What about jets? I think all the FCRs have interchangable jets so my jets should the same as off the newer bikes. Is this correct? Just need as much info as possible so I can lead the parts monkeys by the hand and get the part I want.

You should have the FCR39, there is a newer model of that carb called the FCR39MX or something like that. The dealer probably just doesn't stock a lot of jets. Not many do, I usually have better luck at motorcycle parts stores in town than at the dealers when it comes to carb jets.

I used Sudco when I broke my float bowl (like an idiot) on my 99YZ400 and needed a replacement..always a good source for parts. I think everyone local told me I needed to replace the whole carb because they didn't show that as being a replacment part!


good luck

I can't speak for the newer 450's, but the 400 shared almost all of the same carb parts as the 426. The only difference was the pilot screw which was different. You discovered this when you purchased the wrong aftermarket pilot screw. If you go to some of the sites that have exploded parts view check out the parts number to different years you can then tell if it is the same part.

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