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2001 WR426 throttle stop

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I removed the throttle stop screw and I'm ready to


I checked past posts on the subject, and it seems

like there are different (mm) suggestions for each post. Here are my questions:

1. How much do I take off? (from the end of the

stop screw).

2. I'm doing this w/out removing the carb, is there a way to see/verify slide position w/out

removing the carb? I'm not a mechanic (I just play one on the web), so if someone could explain the

basics of the relationship between t-stop length

and the carb slide/venturi it would help me to understand alittle more about the mechanics of

this modification (right now it's like "wow,

my throttle turns more" to me).


[ February 16, 2002: Message edited by: Mike D. ]

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Hey Mike,

Now, I'm no mechanic either but if I remember correctly, I ground mine down to 22mm (including the head). You can easily tell if it's right by doing this trick:

* Take off the seat

* Take off the side panels

* Remove the rear bolt for the exhaust

* Remove the lower bolts from the sub-frame

* Remove the air-box from the carb (just the connection)

* Pivot-up the entire rear fender & sub-frame assy.

Now you can see right into the throat of the carb. Then all you have to do is check to see that the slide *just* clears the top of the opening; if it does, that's as much as you need.

With this mod (along with the airbox, gray wire, and exhaust plug removal) the bike is a TOTALLY new machine!

Good luck,


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Or you can just unbolt the air box boot from the carb intake, scrunch it and tuck it down out of the way. You can now see into the intake. You can even run the engine. Just don't put your face too close in case it backfires. I wear shop glasses when I do it this way. :)

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