Daves mods complete!

I am finished with "daves mods" for my 2003 xr650L! The bike runs great, has way more pull throughout the gears, starts and idles like never before:) this mod is a must for 650l owners! i installed a fmf q2 afterwards, adding a bit more power and smootheness. I went with 160main, 55 pilot, a bit less than 2 screws out, 1 dubro washer for the needle. I ordered the jets from

"carb parts" and received them in 4 days:) Id like to thank everyone who responded to my forum questions, the bike runs great!

The FMF Q2, is that a complete system including the header or just the muffler?

" 1 dubro washer for the needle. " :thumbsup: What is that?

That's the exact setup I have and I really like it.

did you remove the smog stuff?? my carb is off as we speek and doing daves mods my self. just need jets.. anything i need to no before i open up the carb?

I have the q2 tailpipe only atm. I cant seem to find a aftermarket header for the 650l. I was looking for the fmf powerbomb header, but would be interested in any better than stock replacement....any ideas?? the washer is a steel Du-bro #4 cat.no.323 the exact measurement is .13x278x.029 I found it easily at the local hobby shop. As far as the jets, i ordered them from "carb parts" and was happy with the service. I initially got the wrong jets from the honda dealer(twice!)...the kids working there dont know what the hell they are doing when it comes to proper jets etc...I found it to be less of a headache to order them from carb parts. The carb is easy to work on, its pretty simple as long as you follow daves diagram. One thing to watch out for is how soft the jets are when tightening/unscrewing. I actually cracked the pilot jet in half with moderate pressure from the screwdriver. Luckily i was able to get it out without too much trouble. Be gentle when tightening!! lol

for those of you who need to order jets: the 8mm main jet is #99101-393-160

substitute the last 3 digits for the jet size you prefer, i ordered a 158 also... (99101-393-158). The 23.5 slow or pilot # is N424-26-055 i also ordered a 58 pilot jet just in case (N424-26-058)

I also removed all the smog equipment and blocked it off....i also removed the snorkel from the airbox

The FMF Q2, is that a complete system including the header or just the muffler?

" 1 dubro washer for the needle. " :thumbsup: What is that?

I cheated by just taking the needle to my local home hardware store, that is a 5 minute walk away, and getting one that looked like a good fit.

Never measured the thickness.

It seems to work well. :thumbsup:

Hay huffa that xr only header looks bad arse!...i wonder if it would fit the fmf q2 tailpipe? of course the q2 fits the stock header, so if the xronly header fits the stock tailpipe im thinking i could pair my Q2 with the xr only header....id be stoked, anyone know if this is possible?please say yes lol

Either that or you might be interested in this internal/external ceramic coated satin silver finished bad boy ?

This whole system looks very inviting to me. It has a US Forestry Service approved screen type spark arrestor and a Big Gun Vortex quiet insert. Wonder how quiet it really is?

I'd like to at least hear my motor a little more then what the stocker sounds like. Our home vacum cleaner is louder!




thx for the pics:) that one good lookn pipe!

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