Hey edlebrock guys, where is this screw from?

So I set my carb down on my desk, and this bolt fell off :thumbsup:

I can't see any holes anywhere that it threads into, and this is the only thing I think it could be off of.

Anyway, pics:




It takes a 5/32 allen wrench. :thumbsup:

is your edelbrock on an "R" or an "L"? I have an R and I have no idea where that bolt goes!!! are you sure it didn't just fall on the carb from something else... and then dislodge when you set it down? it sure doesn't look like any bolt that I remember seeing on my carb, but I don't have it in front of me to look at right now... kinda sorta looks like one of the bolts that holds the coil on under the gas tank! not too far from the carb either, i wouldn't think it impossible for it to fall onto the valve cover and roll down onto the carb... anyway good luck!

I'll check that out today when I get back to wrenching trying to get the pig running. thanks.

It looks like the bolt end that fits on the end of the idle adjust cable. Other than that I can't think of anyplace it would fit.

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