Which aftermarket pipe???

What aftermarket set up could you recommend?

I've been looking at procircut T4 with quiet core or FMF Q or E series with quiet core. I want good low and bottom end but somewhat quiet. I ride trails and logging roads. Will be re- jetting trying some E series needles. What are your thoughts?


I have a 2001 WR426, and I did some research and

bought the FMF Power Core IV (Q) with the Power

Bomb header. Everything I read (and the people

in the know that I spoke with) told me the FMF

system is top notch.

Haven't installed the system yet, so the jury's

still out on the performance impact; I needed the

(q) series because of Michigan dB regs on DNR

trails, but I purchased the MX end cap for a

quick-change for a day at the track.

Good Luck,

Mike from Michigan

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