YZ 426 street tires on stock rims?

Anyone know if there are any out there that would work? I'm finding the 19" rear a very difficult size to fit. If anyone can offer any solutions on how to get street tires (80/20 or 90/10%) please help me out!

Thanks in advance


I recently bought a street legal '01 426f. It has Avon Distanza tires that are dot rated. They are the same size as the knobby tires but look much smaller without the treads. I have ridden off road with them a bit and they do ok but don't expect near the traction of knobby's. On the street they have excellent grip. I am getting more comfortable with them every ride and am amazed how far you can lean a motorcross bke on the street. Hope this helps.


Some tire manufacturers make 19" fronts for older BMW's, there might be one wide enuf to suit as a rear for your YZ.

19" wheels were common on British bikes 40 years ago. Might troll through the classic bikes on the web and see where the tires come from.

Avon Distanzias will fit.

Motostrano would be your best bet. They sell a "sportsman" kit, which is basically what it looks like your doing. Just throwing some street rubber and rippin' around.

They sell the tires indivdually as well.


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