A few light kicks before starting

My local shop owner(friend and mechanic)says before starting the bike after it has set awhile to give it a few light kicks before you give it a hard kick to start it,Says it moves the oil through the pump and filter. However I have noticed when doing this it wants to back fire when you kick it slowly on about the second or third kick. Is this procedure nessescery or can you just go ahead and kick it hard to start out with.

I always give my bike a couple slow kicks before the first start of the day. I mainly do it to get my knee and leg ready.......LOL.

You can kick it hard, it won't hurt anything.

There's at least a small amount of benefit to moving the engine a little before a cold start. However, the thing about priming the pump is a bit far-fetched. If the bike has sat long enough to entirely drain the tank, there won't be any oil to pump through the filter until the bike runs for at least 10-15 seconds to pump some oil back to the tank. Meantime, the crank will throw oil all over everything in the bottom end as soon as it fires. An '06-08 probably won't drain the tank totally dry, though, because the tank is close to the same level as the crankcase.

Even so, turning the engine a little before starting will prime the cylinder if you turn the choke on first and twist the throttle once or twice before you crank. And, turning the engine at least half a revolution will charge the capacitor in the CDI, and make it more able to deliver a good strong spark.

But what is with the backfiring on the third slow kick!

its that fire breathing horse power talkin back! i love it!

While driving your car (must be carburated and a manual transmission):

Turn it off and hold the gas peddle on the floor, leaving it in gear while rolling (the engine should still be turning). Do this for 2-3 seconds and then turn the key back on...all while the engine is still turning.

Fun stuff. :thumbsup:

Have a spare muffler on hand....

Youll blow the exaust pipe off!!!!!!

They do this to get the piston at the top of the stroke. TDC

I have actually had mine fire up a few times while I was slowly getting mine to this position. Pretty wierd when it happens.

Not as weird as the look on people's faces when they see it happen. :thumbsup:

I had a 1988 Honda Hurricane 1000 that I use to do this with. I would be in town going the street in say like 3rd gear and hit the kill switch and when I got up beside someone walking on the side walk like a chic I would flip the kill switch back to run and POW!!! Scare the daylights out of them.

Not as weird as the look on people's faces when they see it happen. :thumbsup:

Oh ya im always so proud when it happens too. Im like ya who says the 450's are hard to start and give them a wink.

Its all about the jetting.

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