Back in the Saddle again

First I want to say hello to everyone out there in Big Blue Roostville. I used to frequent this site but life gets in the way and I sold my 1999 WR 400 last year after only adding 50 miles to it in the year.

I am glad to be back in the saddle and mention I'm a proud father of a spanking 2002 WR 426 to ring in the new year with.

I'd like to invite anyone in my area (Central Cal.) to hook up to twist grips some time AND I have a Question I'd like to ask the forum gurus here.

I find my '02 426 pours substantial fuel on the ground (from one of the many clear overflow hoses )when laying it way down but not on the ground. (handle grip is about a foot from the ground. Is this normal every time the bike goes far over but not down? As I don't remember my '99 WR400 having this "feature"

Thanks guys for the forum and Thank you Bryan for starting something that blossomed into more than you knew back then.

Welcome back! I just purchased my WR426 a couple of weeks ago. I live in Oxnard but used to live in Atascadero. I would love to ride that area again. If you ever have a ride that you are going on please feel free to drop us a line. Later.


Don't tip it over and you won't have that problem.

My girlfriend has a similar problem, but she tips over frequently.

Seriously, carburetored engines have a float that controls the fuel level in the float bowl. When it gets tipped over too far, the fuel runs out because the needle valve doesn't close properly.


Go over to the CR450f side of TT. Look up SLO JT he's from Athrashcadero :)


Thanks Bill and tp3dxf.

Calif. is so big I need to clarify my QTH a little better.

I am at the Southern base of Yosemite N'tnl Park by about a half an hour.

Sequoia N'tnl Park is 'bout South East of here. I ride the Sierra Nevadas 99% of the time, the other 1% is just be-boppin' the canal banks along the foothills and valley floor or the track I 'made' in an ajacent field.

Thanks guys and happy trails....

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