Don't underestimate regular maintenance...

You know how they say you pick up on detiorating parts, etc when you do regular maintenance. Well I am one of the ones that regularly keeps up with oil changes, suspension greasing/fluid changes, etc. and today while just doing a cleaning of the bike and an oil change, air filter cleaning; I noticed my front wheel was out of true and upon further inspection I am missing a spoke and my front wheel bearings have a lot of play (to my standards at least, any play is bad play when it comes to wheels).

My question is, should I just replace the whole wheel assembly? I am trying to find someone that sells spokes without having to buy a whole pack of em and can't. I was planning on changing out my wheel bearings here soon but should I be weary since this must have occured on my previous ride so that could mean damaged hubs, right?


doubtful that the hub is bad....replace the spoke, true the wheel and replace the wheelbearings/repack with more grease and you will be good to go....

I have individual spokes as I bought the pack when I ripped 3 off my 06 YZ450...They are excel spokes if you need 1 or 2 PM me.....

Are you using a pressure washer to clean your bike???

The reason I ask, is that this can be one of the easiest ways to kill the wheel bearings. The high pressure pushes out the wheel grease, and leaves them dried out.....I learned the hard way, even after being warned.

In the event that I pressure wash, only under extremely muddy conditions, I regrease the swingarm pivots, wheel bearings, shock bearing, etc. I also WD-40 all gaskets and such. So in other words, when the pressure washer is used, its basically time for a solid tune up to prevent these occurences. I don't think this bearing being like this is anything but time and previous owner neglect. And again, its not moving a lot by any means, the most freeplay I have is maybe something like 2-5mm or so. I just like my things to be tip top. And yes I will take you up ont he spoke offer, pm will be sent very soon.


I wouldn't go to the expense of an entire new wheel. Like GA426 said, just replace the spoke and bearings and retrue. It will be much cheaper and not that difficult to do. You may try Ebay for spokes. I bought 3 there one time and they have come in handy.

When I replaced the wheel bearings on my 426 the local bike shop owner told me he got me some sealed lifetime bearing? I don't know if he was blowing smoke up my ass or not,that was two and a half years and well over 5000 miles ago. [Trail Tech odometer set accurate each new tire.] No problems so far, regular axle maintenence [anti-seize], no play no nada.

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