49T to 51T swap, GREAT !!!

I do a fair amount of woods and trail riding to get to my practice track, and I noticed my '07 450 seemed to be geared a bit high in second gear. I seemed to be stuck between 1st and 2nd in the technical trail stuff. I decided to swap to a 51T Renthal, and I am very happy with the results, I was a bit concerned I would loose my beloved smooth power low to mid from this swap, but on the MX track, while I did gain some snap, the power is completely controllable and smooth. Great upgrade for $55 !!

I have an 04' and I'd have to agree as well ... I went from a 14-48 to a 14-51 when I picked up a set of the Ironman Sprockets and what a difference ... Most of the trails I'm usually on I'm just barely getting into second and I'm constantly doing the 1-2/2-1 shifts ... Now I can pretty much stay in second through everything ... Out on the practice track I really don't notice it much ... I'm still always in third out there ...

i traded up to a 52 to due to the fact that i ride trail like 98 percent of the time and i love it.... i can lug threw the tech stuff and where i would be wearin my self out going from 1st and 2nd and vice versa i can pop in 2nd and go

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