Throttle paly adjustment?

Their is almost 1/4 turn of freeplay in the throttle for my 05 WR450. I do not have a manual as I am not the original owner. How can this be adjusted so I can eliminate he play.

You can adjust the play on the throttle cable by turning the nut loose

on the cable near the throttle tube. turn the threads on the cable untill your play is almost gone. Dont take all the play of as you may find that your bike will start to run on as if you have turned the idle jet up.




Follow the cable down to the carb, loosen the 10mm nuts and turn the large cable holders that the cable is going through. Adjust both evenly until nearly all slop is gone. Tighen nuts and start the bike, move handle bars left and right, if idle comes up when turning left you'll need to back of just alittle on the adjustment,done. :thumbsup:

Adjust the cable at the carb as previously described.

Inspect the cable for fraying or damage while you are adjusting.

You can download a shop manual by following the link in the Performance Index sticky...SC

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