Something Snapped

I stopped on a hill and when i decided to start again (10 min. later) I pulled in the clutch the bike rolled forward a little and something made a loud snap noise, almost like a click but with more meat. After that i rode away and i have a strange sound out of the chain side. I have all gears and clutch is fine. The sound is hard to describe.because the bike is loud but it almost sounds like a chain is dragging. I had to ride about 2 miles back to the truck nothing else broke or locked up thankfully! Any Ideas on what may have snapped?:thumbsup:

Check your sprocket bolts maybe one came loose and snapped against the swingarm.




Rear axle broke :thumbsup: or maybe rear wheel bearing grenaded:confused:

No ,the noise is coming from the case down by my left foot

check the bottom chain roller,mine wrked loose& fell off

There might be something jammed between your front sprocket and gard not sure what the set up is on a WR happend to me on my XR turned out to be a small rock made a noise like what your discribing

Update : it turned out to be rear wheel bearings

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