White yz/wr 400/426 's ???

Hello, i have a 2001 yz426f and i am thinking about putting it all white , and i was wondering if anyone has any pics of a all white bike ? and if you got one with all white and blue accesorries/graphics, even better , because thats what im thinkin about doin.


Or a 02 250f would be great as well.

Not a YZ, but it IS all white, with some simple blue graphics and some blue anodized bits and pieces...





WOW:thumbsup: ..Mine is definatly going white:applause:, Thanks for the pics

My pleasure...the one thing I hate more than bragging about my kids is showing off my toys!

Acerbis used to offer a white plastic kit for the WRs and YZFs, but my local shop couldn't get it, so they had to order all of the individual parts. I've seen others post that the white shrouds are getting hard to find. Acrebis still makes them as does UFO, but they are probably going to be special order from your local shop...

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