Why price difference in WR&YZF?

Why is there a big difference in the used prices for a Wr and a YZF? I've been searching for a WR400/426, but I've run across more YZF's for sale than WR's. The WR's are usually $1000 more for the same model year including aftermarket goodies. I've been trying to stay around $3000, but you can't even get a 98WR400 for that much. I saw a 99WR for $4200!! and a 99YZF for $2900 with lots of aftermarket parts. The only difference I can tell other than the transmission on the WR is it has lights on it. I've read alot of posts here in TT, and most of the WR owners try to turn the WR into a YZF anyway. Timing, seat and tank, move bars more forward...etc. Anyways, I was really wanting a WR but I've pretty much figured out I'm going to have to get a YZF. I just can't figure out why the price difference for the WR's? Hmmm, maybe I can search for a yz250F, maybe they are a little less expensive than the 400/426.

MX bikes usually take a bigger beating than their off-road cousins. Their resale value being less is the end result. Let me put it to you this way, if I saw a 99WR & a 99YZF in the paper - My first thought is that the YZF would be more beat up than the WR. Same exact reason that you see "never raced" in so many ads.

In actuality, if you can find a deal on a YZF in good shape AND at a thousand less than a comparible WR then take the YZF and modify it to your needs.

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