426/ 2000/2001 clutch mod

hi there i need to sort my clutch out it has got no play in it at all. when i go to set off it feels ok then all of a sudden it just grips and the bike either stalls or sets off with me hanging off the back:confused: i have found a new clutch kit for my bike for around £90 but i would rather do the mod if this will stop it happening again. if anyone can tell me where i can get the parts from to do the mod and how i do it it would be greatly appretiated:ride: cheers danny

In the index of this forum, there is a thread titled, "Common Threads: Look here 1st! Mods, Maintenance, Common Issues and FAQ's". In that thread, the "01 clutch mod is the first item listed under "Transmission".

There's a reason it says "look here first". :thumbsup:

Here is the link:


Just did the 2001 Clutch Mod to my 2000 (Thanks to help from 642MX - again) 2nd best mod I have done next to the 450 Cam mod. My recommendation is go with all stock 2001 YZ 426 parts and follow the directions. Very easy to do and the costs is around $140 us $'s. Before the Mod, mine was really Grabby and had a tendancy to stall in the tight stuff. No Freeplay at all - either engaged or disengaged. Not all that bad on the MX track but terrible for woods and tight stuff. After doing the Mod, I can't believe I suffered with a shitty clutch that long...


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