Should i Buy a WR?

Well i curently have a Yz 125, but i will be getting my licence by next summer, and intend on making the WR street legal. I will buy one early if i can get a good deal on 1. I am wondering how the WR will compare to my yz. Hows the handling? Will i be able to do some light MX duty? How would the power compare to my Yz, should i get a 450 or a 250?

If I could make a YZ street legal, I would definately get one of those over a WR for several reasons.

1. The YZ is a weapon stock form, nothing needs to be done to it other than setting up ergo's for you.

2. The YZ450F is "34.6lbs dry" lighter than the WR450F! :cheers:

Coming from a 125, the extra "65lbs dry" on the WR450Fwould really suck.

The WR250F is not that much better at all in the weight stakes. :busted:

3. I have spent some big $$$ on my '05 WR450F and it still is not a YZ450F. Sure, it now has more power and better suspension than a YZ450F, but that weight difference is the killer.

4. I am sure it would cost you less money in the long run to get the YZ up to scratch than the WR.

5. I'm not sure of your laws over there, but make sure you do plenty of research. If you can't make the YZ street legal, then forget about what I just said! :bonk: Have you considered a KTM exc??? Awesome bike and noticably lighter.

Now that I have angered the WR crew here, if you do decide to go this way, you will be rewarded with a very reliable, and very capable weapon. It just takes a little bit of effort and money to unleash the beast! :thumbsup:

Now, I am a Yamaha man, but it is getting more and more like pick a color. One thing I don't like about the WR is how they are becoming more and more "trail bike" and less and less "enduro bike". The sword is becoming blunt..... :thumbsup:

So much is wrong woth the above post I just don't have time to respond in detail, but quickly:

WR (wide ratio) I can see a YZ 125 decentigrating riding around on the street in very short order.

WR's are not YZ's no matter what you do to them.

65lbs most be the difference in weight down under but we are in the northern hemisphere so go to Yamamha web site and get the weight of each as I did earlier in this thread.

Most important thing to remember is you are not carrying the bike it is carrying you. Given some time to adjust you will not notice the 14lbs between the WR250 & WR450. Jumping and riding will not be exactly the same as the YZ 125 you are riding now, but that could be said for any bike you choose.

If I remember it right from my childhood Evil Knivel use to jump Harleys that weighed over 400lbs more than 200 feet. I am not recommending you jump a Harley or even a WR, but if you wanted to you could jump a Mack truck!

Have fun with whatever you get, that is what it's all about after all!

Sorry, you are right. 58lbs by the Yamaha USA site.

29.5kgs by the Australian site, which is 65lbs. I guess we have 7lbs of ADR crap on our bikes to make them road legal here.

And FreeRideSouth, I was referring to getting a YZ450F instead of a WR450F, I might not have been clear on that.

Refer to point 2. of my post.

Wow thaks for all the input. Its gonna be a tuff choice, and its gonna take a while to get used to the weight. I even notice a weigt diference when i fill my tank back up from being almost empty!

O and what u said mutu, i wish i could make my little 125 street legal, but it would be pretty hard where i live. They dont care about quads on the road, but there craking down on mx bikes. Plus my bike doesnt really like to go much more than 60mph tops.. lol

KTM 200exc 2 stroke?

Are they street legal over there yet?

Not from the factory, but my local KTM dealer sells dual sport kits to make em street legal.:thumbsup:

Im really starting to thinks about a ktm 2-stroke.. much lighter.

If your gonna be riding on the street alot it will wear out the motor really fast because dirtbike motors arn't made to withstand constant non fluctuating revs

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