Jardine Exhaust

Does anyone know about the jardine exhaust. They have the full set up front, mid and muffler cheap. What do you guys think? Anyone running this and what do you think of it???? Thanks in advance...

Not using a Jardine currently. But I know they have been aroud for along time.

Ty Davis and team Zip-TY switched from Yoshimura to Jardine so they must make a Quality pipe/system.

Bump, does anyone run this system?

Well, this isn't quite apples to apples, but I run a jardine RT4 lowboy system on my 07 CRF450. It is a quality system, that really helps low end and midrange on the Honda....Too much for the dirt IMHO. I user it on the ice, but go back to stock for moto.

The Jardine RT4 is loud, however and has no spak arrestor. I don't know which system you plan on using, or how a jardine works on a WR, but I can attest to it's quality.:thumbsup: Hope this helps some.

I run the Yosh TRC comp on my 03 WR450, wih the 93 decibel insert. The Jardine seems to be every bit of the quality as the Yosh.


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